A Buyer's Guide to Teak and Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Danish Modern Furniture in NYC

Danish contemporary furniture is exported to every corner of the world and New York is no exception. The classically beautiful lines of this world renowned furniture is a magnet for every self respecting interior designer – whether amateur or professional.

Simply because of its size, New York City is a haven for those who a looking for a classic piece of Danish Modern furniture. The name Danish Modern is a misnomer in fact, because the height of Danish furniture design, as we know it today, was the mid century period between 1925 and 1975 when the great masters of modern furniture design in Denmark were at the peak of their creativity.

Anyone who would covet a vintage chair, sofa, table or any other collectable piece from one of these Danish furniture design geniuses would be well advised to scour the second hand shops in New York and Brooklyn and to keep an eye on auctions in NYC specializing in high quality and well known furniture. You never know your luck, so visit these places where your chances of finding vintage Danish Modern furniture are the greatest.

The names to look out for when buying mid century modern Danish interior designs are:

Arne Jacobsen, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1927. One of his greatest contributions to the movement was his lighting fixture designs which are now highly sought after.

Børge Mogensen, who studied at both the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Mogensen’s claim to fame is his simple, strong, clean and functional lines which he employed in all his furniture designs.

Finn Juhl, who studied architecture before turning his hand to the design of sculptural furniture pieces, for which he is best known. Among his most important assignments was the interior design for the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

Hans J Wegner is remembered for his designs using all natural materials and the functionality of his pieces. Another architecture graduate, Wegner is famous for designing well over five hundred chairs, among them his world famous Round Chair which rose to prominence during the Kennedy Nixon debates of 1960 when it became known simply as The Chair.

Although most of the designs of these geniuses of Danish Modern furniture are to be found in the great museums of the world, excellent copies are to be found in and around New York City and especially in Brooklyn, where there is a plethora of vintage furniture stores to be found. Explore these Aladdin’s caves of treasures and you may just be lucky enough to find the perfect chair or sofa to complete your mid century design look – and thus become the object of envy of every knowledgeable follower of interior design.